Jewish Band - Jewish & Klezmer Wedding Bands In Los Angeles, CA
Klezmer Bands Los Angeles

The Klezmer Kings - klezmer band in L.A
Klezmer Kings - Big klezmer orchestra, play Jewish and klezmer music at Jewish weddings, big Jewish affairs, Large weddings, Shevah Brachot, Bar mitzvahs & corporate events.


The Jews Brothers - Jewish Klezmer band - play Jewish and klezmer music, at weddings and Bar mitzvahs. http://TheJewishBrothers



Most bands will travel throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Francisco California. Las Vegas NV, Phoenix AZ. Fort lauderdale, Hollywood, Aventura, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, South Beach & Palm Beach, Florida.

Siman Tov Mazal tov klezmer

The Sabras Band is a popular Jewish klezmer and Israeli band in Los Angeles, CA. They play American, Jewish, Klezmer, Israeli, Latin & Middle Eastern music. (See Israeli Bands next page)

The Hebrew selection includes Jewish klezmer, sephardi, sephardic Israeli  & mizrahi music. or-


The Hot Beat
- variety music wedding band.

The band play international music, American, Klezmer, Latin, Greek and Persian.
They perform at weddings, banquets, and festivals.


Klezmer Boys - Jewish klezmer band on a smaller scale. In other words - great klezmer music with a smaller 2-4 pc klezmer band.
They perform at weddings, klezmer fests & Bar Mitzvahs.


The Hora Band - Israeli band, play Israeli, Sephardi & Mizrahi music. Weddings, bar Mitzvahs & Israeli affairs. (also see in Israeli Bands section)


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